The main intention with this work is that something is taking shape, growing, standing quietly, moving gently and that it could rise endlessly. I want to give the viewer the sensation that a very fine and fragile act of balance has taken shape.
Colonna sculptures are part of the latest series of work and reflect my passion to repeat the same thing over and over again.

Nature still is the main source of inspiration to create those works. There is no grain of sand that is the same in all the deserts in the world and no raindrop is ever the same. Simple pure shapes that could come out from a micro or macro cosmos make up these sculptures. Since 1986 the concept of repetition echo’s throughout most of my artwork and the continuous repetition of a theme becomes a major factor to create a sculpture or a painting.

Classic and timeless black and white is what I really like today. Back in 1987 I painted over a thousand abstract paintings as a personal study to see how I would react to colour by using it every day. Repeating similar colour combinations over and over again was the main focus of the whole exercise.
Since that time, colours have become less and less a part of my work.